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V2 Cigs - $59.95 Standard Starter Kit V2 Cigs is the most trusted and one of the most well known smokeless cigarette brand, that offers a wide range of starter kits to choose from. With every kit you get FREE shipping and LIFETIME warranty.
VaporFi - $29.99 Starter Kits VaporFi was recently launched to revamp the smokeless cigarette world with their advanced electronic cigarettes and custom e-liquids. The high-performance e cigs, with an unlimited range of flavors to choose from and..
Green Smoke - $29.99 Express Kit Green Smoke E cigarette is one the TOP “smokeless” cigarette brands introduced, offering simplicity of design and ultimate smoking satisfaction. Offering starter kits from $29.99.
South Beach Smoke - $59.99 Starter Kit Premium Electric Cigarette Starter kit includes: 1 Premium E-Cigarette Lithium Ion Battery 1 Atomizer (creates the vapor) 1 Portable Wall Charger 6 Large Nicotine Cartridges - Equals 6 Packs of Cigarettes (Variety Pack - Assorted Flavors).
Reason switching to smokeless cigarettes?
V2 Cigs - Starter kits from $59.95 (TOP RATED)
V2 Cigs is AMERICA'S #1 smokeless cigarette brand. Its one of the most popular and TOP RATED brand across all e cig review websites. Offers SUPERIOR QUALITY, long lasting battery life, wide range of flavors and starter kits to choose from. V2 Cigs prides themselves in an exeptional customer service and stands behind their product.  With over 1 million satisfied customers, LIFETIME WARRANTY, and 30-day Money Back Guarantee, you can't go wrong with V2 cigs. GET 15% OFF starter kits by applying coupon code "15offdiscount" at the checkout.
Only $59.95
VaporFi - Kits from $29.99 (High Performance)
Your fantasies of HIGH PERFORMANCE e cigarette are about to come true with VaporFi. E Cigarette brand that takes vaping to a whole new level. VaporFi is the newest product in the market that sets itself apart from the rest, due to its incredible designs and features. The only USA brand that offers e cigarette with DIGITAL SCREEN, PUFF COUNTER, battery meter, and much more. With VaporFi you can customize your own flavor with up to 30,000 DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS! Choose from 6 DIFFERENT STARTER KITS. Its loaded with features that will please rather than tease!
Only $29.99
South Beach Smoke – from $59.99 (25% OFF Kits)
South Beach Smoke e cig is a US based company that provides QUALITY smokeless cigarettes at the most competitive prices. Its one of the most well know and TRUSTED smokeless cigarette brand on the market today. Offers a WIDE RANGE of starter kits, DIFFERENT FLAVORS, different nicotine strengths, and battery choices. With every kit purchased you get 30-day Money Back Guarantee, a LIFETIME WARRANTY, and FREE SHIPPING. For a limited time, South Beach Smoke offers 25% OFF all starter kits, this fall only!
Only $59.99

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What are smokeless cigarettes?These are the modern day alternative to the traditional cigarette where you get your full dose of nicotine but this time minus all the harmful additives, carcinogens and tar. It is also refereed to as electronic cigarette and although new in the market, it suffices to say that the smokeless cigarette has hit the market running.

Smokeless cigarettes provide the user with vapor that has measured doses of nicotine, resulting into a smoking sensation just like what you feel when smoking a traditional cigarette. It is just like the   traditional smoke, but now minus the 4000+ harmful additives that send you to an early grave.

Do the environment a favor and the diehards have got nothing to cry about because the smokeless cigarettes are so green. Actually even what you see the guy puffing out is not smoke; it is vapor which turns into water soon after it cools down. That way, less carbon monoxide is released into the atmosphere and there is less cancer in the air. Again, you can enjoy smoking just anywhere you wish, even at home because smokeless cigarettes have got no effect on the bystanders, this is a cigarette that you want to smoke at home but be sure junior does not entertain his whims to try it out.

The smokeless cigarette is so “green”, so environmental friendly because it comes in biodegradable packing and when it has seen its last days, it can either be disposed of safely or be recycled. How would you like to buy your smokeless cigarette kit for a one off price and then you stay put for a long time with your smoke, taking a puff whenever you want? Hard as it may sound to believe, you will not only save your life, but you will save your money too. Please visit the links above to get your Free trial offers of smokeless cigarettes and set yourself free from deadly habit. Please contact us if you may have any questions.